Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom
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  • Identify Your Goals
  • Explore the Possibilities
  • Test for the Unexpected
  • Build A Roadmap for Financial Freedom in as Little as 30 minutes
myMoneyGuide® is a guided planning experience that can help you create a customized financial plan focused on your goals, concerns and expectations.
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What is myMoneyGuide®? 
Create a plan to have fun in retirement
Most people have goals for a fun retirement, but many do not have a plan to achieve them. Whether you have been saving towards retirement or wish you could, it is time to define what retirement could look like for you.
myMoneyGuide® is a guided online
planning experience that can help
you create your own customized plan for retirement. A plan can help you make the most of your resources and prepare for the things that can financially hurt your retirement.
This is NOT a financial seminar. It is
all about you. myMoneyGuide® Labs are educational, engaging, empowering and enjoyable. They are self-paced, and you can get help privately via chat or email should you want it. You won’t be sold anything, and there is no cost or obligation.
Worried about sharing your financial
information? Your information is safe. Your data is stored on secure servers that have been trusted with over 5 million  financial plans.
Why invest the time in myMoneyGuide®?
    We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. You are unique and deserve a plan that is unique to you. Planning for retirement is about more than just savings and investing. 

    We help you:

    • Identify your goals: define your needs, wants and wishes in retirement; prioritize them and create a plan to make progress towards them.
    • Explore the possibilities of trade offs to help you get the retirement you want, such as spending less, saving more, retiring later or changing how you invest.
    • Test your plan for the unexpected, including a sudden market drop, health expense or cut to Social Security benefits.
    • Plan for more fun and less stress. Planning is about doing more with what you have so that you can achieve more of your goals and have fun in your retirement.
    • Trusted and proven. myMoneyGuide® comes from the creators of MoneyGuidePro®, the number one financial planning software trusted by professionals for over 15 years. The award-winning program walks you through a proven process using content developed by Certified Financial PlannerTM professionals.
      How myMoneyGuide® works
      You’re in control.
      myMoneyGuide® is a valuable experience that can help you build your plan and get professional advice if you choose. The process is convenient and helps you plan to have fun in retirement. Created by PIEtechSM, myMoneyGuide® leverages the industry leading financial software expertise of MoneyGuidePro®.
      A preview of myMoneyGuide®
      The Simple Process
      You will receive an invitation and be directed to a personalized website.
      You can select from online Labs available 7 days a week and enroll in a Lab of your choice.
      You can create your own personalized financial plan by completing the Lab you select.
      One-Time Payment
      You decide whether to request help from a financial professional.
      Questions About Getting Started?
      (c) PIEtech Inc. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved. 
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